Toko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a mold manufacturer with superior stretch bending methods.
We also manufacture specialized machines, test equipment, and press dies.
3d bending technology

By studing the characteristics of processing media as well as expertise in processed products , we have realized the streamlining of complicated bending techniques and processes. In response to the needs of business customers, we continue to provide one-step-ahead, high-quality processing equipment applied with higher special precision technology and application capability.

Bending products and examples

Bending products and examples

Japanese state-of-the-art technology conquers and realizes bending work that has been considered physically impossible. Let us show you actual examples.

Please come to Japan someday.

Please come to Japan someday.

We are located just 50 minutes from Chubu International Airport by bullet train and local line. Nice sightseeing spots, such as the Gifu Castle, are also in easy access of our location!

Feel free to contact me.

Feel free to contact me.

Toko’s technology serves all over the world. Inquiries from people in developing nations are quite welcome.

Regarding Toko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Regarding Toko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Introduction of Toko Manufacturing company overview and history.



Toko’s bending technology is now beyond art. Priceless interview of representatives of Toko Manufacturing who are masters in bending technology.

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Memories in the days of establishment


At the time of establishment of Toko Mfg., we set forth the still lasting company policy in the belief that ...although this is a start from less than nothing, we do not want to fail once started. No technology. All we can do is challenge. This belief anyway roused us.

We kept challenging without hesitating to fail

We had been working on press molds before specializing in bending molds. We were complete amateurs in the business of bending molds when we started. Anyway, we accepted jobs and learned almost blindly just by ourselves, or we asked for instructions from technicians employed by our clients. Taking jobs came first rather than planning. It has been that “we must manage,” not “we may manage.” Therefore, we sometimes could not sleep for 24 hours. We could not stand it that we could not manage something that someone else could. We had no choice other than brushing up on our skills. I never gave up on the belief that we are still the same as human beings.

Micro 3D bending technology

One after another of trial-and-error, we established our own bending art for small R (micro 3D bending). I am confident that we can beat any other vendor for this 3D bending technology to make a bend in small Rs with certain shape maintained. Yet, bending is a complex art, and even our technology is still 70% completed in my opinion. Of course. we will keep working on 3D bending technology. We have already developed unpublished bending art and have obtained patents as well.

Further challenges

With highly elevated technologies, we will challenge the overhaul of used machine tools, sell machine tools that big companies do not sell, and make other tracks outside of bending. These are what we have in mind now.

3d bending

Absolute confidence in micro bending

No one else can beat us in micro bending, the art of bending for extremely small Rs. Bending technology in three dimensions, called 3D bending, is an art that our company developed over the last 20 years. The natural trend in the industry now is to leave tough bending to Toko. This leads to confidence in the engineers. However, we will never remain satisfied with what we can do now but will keep studying for a much higher bending art.

Challenge and reliance

While research and technology development is an endless encounter with difficulties, our attitude is to accept the challenge of seeking new discoveries in evolution without fear of failure—never giving up. The president and the chief at headquarters have the same idea to enlarge the company.

To technical development

While human resources for “tuning” departments to match the gauges supplied by customers in the process of designing, NC machining, assembly, and adjustment is not nationwide; consequently, Toko Mfg. is committed to support the Japanese concept of monozukuri (creation) by fostering human resources with such skills.

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