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Sightseeing in Japan


Introduction of sightseeing spot in Japan around Toko Mfg.

Toko Manufacturing is located in the city of Hashima, Gifu Prefecture, conveniently close to JR Gifu-Hashima Station on the bullet train line and Hashima IC for freeway access. Nice, reasonably priced business hotels, such as Route Inn or Toyoko Inn near JR Hashima Station are available. Feel free to contact us in the event of a long stay, and we will directly negotiate with the hotels for special rates and reservations.

Gifu castle, Nagoya castle, and Hikone castle are located just a little side trip from the city of Hashima. You can enjoy the beauty of the defensive countermeasures for an attacking enemy in detail and the value as historical construction during the Sengoku-era (Age of Civil Wars).

We offer unique dumplings called misogi-dango in the city of Hashima, which have been popular in this region for long time. They are a surprising combination coated with miso on surface to hide the sweet bean jam inside, which tastes just great.
Just a 10-minute trip on the bullet train from the city of Hashima takes you to Nagoya, which is the third largest metropolitan in Japan. You may enjoy metropolitan space with skyscraping neo-futuristic buildings in the vicinity of JR Nagoya Station.

Furthermore, you cannot miss the midnight entertainment of drinking sake in Sakae or Nishiki, both are on the main street of the city of Nagoya. Nagoya offers unique foods, famous for miso-cutlets or deep fried shrimps. In addition you may enjoy attracting more foods such as uiro (steamed rice cake) or kishimen (flat wheat noodles).
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