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Bending products and examples

We have been working on a number of products with design features , such as a door sash or mole. Performance that cannot be measured by numerical numbers becomes necessary in the design of automobile exteriors. To fulfill such requirements, quality is created with various ideas in cooperation with customers.

Micro bending

Manufacture of pre-production samples Micro bending is, simply stated, to bend in a small curvature. Bending in a small curvature may result in a collapsed cross section. We control the collapsing cross section to improve the exterior to as high a level as possible to become available for products.

Coreless mold

Coreless moldSashes and moes are products that also require exterior performance so that a core is inserted to prevent cross section collapse. We have been working on a coreless mold to reduce the process for core insertion.

The yield ratio

The yield ratioWe would try to boost the yield for an increase total profit of the customer. The yield ratio is significantly improved especially for the product called a center rail.


 The biggest headache in the production field is variations. Various data are accumulated and fed back to reduce variations.

Actual achievement

 We manufactured bend molds to produce the roof moles for an overseas manufacturer of automobiles. Our own research and development results achieved the process in one bending process that normally takes two steps to drastically reduce the process time, which contributed to a significant improvement in production efficiency.
Actual achievement

Aluminum sashes for the rear and front, which will be used in domestic cars in the near future. It looks like an easy bend at first glance, but high technology is inevitable for achieving accuracy due to the difficult and slow three-dimension curve. Actual achievement

 Most of the center rails used in the sliding doors of domestic cars are produced with high efficiency thanks to our bending technologyActual achievement
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