Toko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a mold manufacturer with superior stretch bending methods.
We also manufacture specialized machines, test equipment, and press dies.
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Regarding Toko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Business policy
Our quest is monozukuri (creation) through the collaboration of software and hardware that is friendly to humans and the earth in order to operate an enterprise that contributes to customers and society while seeking the happiness of workers.

Company principle
Respond to the reliance and expectations of customers (ensure delivery, quality, and low cost) Aim to be an enterprise with endless development (keep working on the development of new products and new technologies) Aim to be a company with endless development and growth (always keep employee education and the creation of the workplace in mind) Build a small but shining global enterprise (aim for overseas deployment)

Fundamental principle
1. Provide what customers are happy with.
2. Step up as an engineering development-style enterprise.
3. Complete product within planned time frame.
4. Improve the accuracy and quality of products.
5. Each one of us achieves the skills of a master.
6. Finish the daily routine with perfection.
7. Think first about how before saying no.

Ideal employee
1, One with good health and one with aggressive enthusiasm for the job
1.One who is cheerful with a strong sense of responsibility and one who doesn’t cause trouble to others
1.One who honors the job and gives credit to everyone
1.One with a creative mind and with ceaseless improvement
1.One who never says no and completes the job
1.One with confidence about the job and prepares satisfactory answers to questions
1.One who makes timely reports and gives positive opinions
1.One who cares about harmony and cooperates with people


President Morimasa Yokoyama
Adress 571-2,Mitsuyanagi Masaki-cho Hashima-shi Gihu,JAPAN 501-6226
Phone TEL +81-58-392-6333 , FAX +81-58-392-6772


Buslness llne Manufacture of bending machines, dies,bending testers, Specialized machines and precision Parts
Number of employees 19 (Jun 2012)
URL http://www.toko-bending.co.jp
Mail info@toko-bending.co.jp



September 1971 Started the business of design and manufacture of press dies and jigs.
August 1974 Reorganized into a company limited.
1978 Secured orders for aircraft-related equipment.
1988 Expanded the factory to accommodate business expansion.
1989 Started manufacture and sales of self-developed products.
April 1989 Spinned off the design section as TOKO ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd.
2004 Obtained 3 patents
April 2005 DeveloPed gyro bending machine.
2006 Invested in Chubu in Thailand.
October 2010 Developed NC servo bending machine.
November 2010 Invested in kind a machine in ChubuinThailand.
November 2015 Ogaki Factory expansion.


Main Customers ( in alphabetical order )

ASTEER Co., Ltd.
Aiwa Co.,Ltd.
Aichi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Aikoku Alpha Co.,Ltd.
Aisin Keikinzoku Co.,Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Kawasaki Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kawaju Gifu Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Katayama Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Saitama lndustrial Company Ltd.
Sankei Giken Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Shiroki Corporation
Daito Denzai Co.,Ltd.

Technosash Co.,Ltd.
Tonamino Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Nagasawa Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
NOF Corporation
Hisada Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Heavy lndustries Ltd.
Nakatsugawa Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Meldas System Engineering Corporation
Yoshikawa Corporation 
Summit Auto Body lndustry Co.,Ltd. (SAB)Thailand
PennTecQ, Inc

(※Order of the Japanese syllabary)

Main Installations

Site area 2500m2  
Building area 940m2  
Overhead traveling crane 5t , 2.8t  
Powerreceiving equipment (Cubicle)  
NC milling machine Makino 2
NC milling machine OKK MHA-400 1
Portal NC milling machine TOK0,1200mmx1700mm 1
vertical machining center MC-500 1
OKK 400mm×800mm 2
Okuma,400mmx800mm 1
YAMAZAKI 500mm×1000mm 1
MoriSeiki 400mm×800mm 1
Milling machine Takeda,Makino 2
Lathe Howa,6-shaku(Approx.180cm) 1
NC lathe MoriSeiki,SL-3 1
Contouring machine 360 1
Radial drilling machine 1000 1
1600 1
Drilling machine KIRA KRT-420 3
Precision 9rinding machine 450mm×200mm 1
400mm×900mm 1
Electric welding machine 300mm×400mm 1
Argonarcwelding machine 2
Aluminum welding machine 1
3D CAD 4
3D CAM 3
3D stretch bending machine 3
Hydraulic pressing machine 80t 1
Pressing machine 60t 1


Map - Main factory

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Map - Ogaki factory

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Toko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

571-2,Mitsuyanagi Masaki-cho Hashima-shi Gihu,JAPAN 501-6226
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